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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code.
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What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for individuals (and married couples) who can’t pay their bills such as credit cards, medical..etc. If your monthly income less your monthly expenses then you’re may eligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Generally speaking, you will be able to wipe out your debt such as credit cards, medical and dental bills, unsecured personal loans and others. In Chapter 7, you may keep your house, car and no more garnishment. 
What kinds of debt can bankruptcy eliminate?

Filing under Chapter 7 may allow many types of debts to be wiped out completely:

■credit card debt

■electric, gas, water, and other utility bills

■medical, dental, and vision bills

■personal and unsecured bank loans

■automobile loan obligations remaining on a repossessed vehicle

■mortgage loan obligations remaining on a foreclosed home

When filing for bankruptcy do not ever do any of the following actions:

Do not accrue any further debt. This includes charges on credit cards, unsecured loans or similar transactions. Knowingly entering into borrowing arrangements when you are preparing to file bankruptcy can cause serious problems.

Do not make transfer ownership of any property (cars, land, homes, etc.). Willfully transferring ownership of real property when you are preparing to file for bankruptcy is essentially hiding assets and will cause you a lot of trouble.
What Happens to Tax Refunds in Bankruptcy?

Tax refunds you are entitled to receive are considered property in bankruptcy just like money in your bank account. You must disclose any anticipated tax refunds as an asset on your bankruptcy schedules. This means that if you want to keep your refund, you must be able to exempt it. If you can exempt your tax refund in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can keep it. 

Wage Garnishments

Creditors Harassment 

Utility Shutoff Notice 

Taking Tax Refund 

Filing Lawsuits 

and more.........

Can i file bankruptcy and keep my car loan ------ Yes 
Can i keep my car if i file chapter 13--------------- Yes 
When you file bankruptcy what happens to your home-------- Probably nothing 
If i declare bankruptcy what happens to my garnishment------- Stop 
Will i lose my job in chapter 7 or 13 --------- No 
Can utility bills be included in chapter 7 or chapter 13----- Yes 

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Michigan involves debt reorganization. Basically it is a propose a payment plan, which can get mortgage, car payment arrears and other debts caught up and pay anywhere from 1 percent to 100 percent of the amounts owing to credit card, medical bills and other unsecured creditors.

Clients who typically choose this type of debt relief have fallen behind on their mortgage, car payments, income taxes or other obligations. Or they may not qualify for Chapter 7 relief. They want to keep their property, but need additional time to catch up. Chapter 13 provides a means of paying tax and other non-dischargeable debt over time, often without interest or penalties.
Stop Paying High Legal Fees For Bankruptcy 
Affordable Legal Representation 

If you’re constantly receiving phone calls from your creditors. After filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the collector calls should stop immediately. If they call you anyway, give them our phone number and we'll take care of it for you. That means no more nasty calls, no more calls at work and hopefully no more sleepless nights.

If you file for personal bankruptcy under Chapter 7 a so-called “automatic stay” is placed on all your creditors, including the foreclosing lender, by the court. In fact, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is actually designed to stop foreclosure and may provide you with the protection and relief you need to stay in your home while you catch up on your mortgage. 


After spending months saving for your dream car, the last thing that you want is for it to be repossessed. Save your car. If you are facing repossession and can’t make your payments, speak to one of our attorneys who will show you ways you can save your car. We can help you restructure your loan payments so you can keep your car.

Bankruptcy acts to stop garnishments because creditors cannot make any collections efforts upon the filing of a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Don’t let creditors take what is yours. Our attorneys can stop the phone calls, garnishments and lawsuits against you. With our help you never have to live in fear anymore.

Don’t let one financial hardship ruin your future. We can help eliminate the debt you are facing. Imagine how good it will feel to never have a creditor call or threaten you again. We will work to keep your assets, remove the debt and get you back on your feet and repairing your credit

If you're experiencing major financial difficulties, don't hesitate to call our affordable bankruptcy lawyers. The sooner you meet with us, the faster you can determine if a a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a solution for your situation, and the sooner you can put yourself on track for a better financial future. 
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Why Settle Your Credit Card Debt When Bankruptcy Can Wipe It Out For You?

If you're knee deep in debt, cannot pay your bills and wish to avoid collection calls, creditor harassment, collection lawsuit, garnishment and other collection activities, you may consider bankruptcy. 

Some people may suggest debt settlement to you (also known as debt negotiation). With debt settlement, you negotiate and reduce the outstanding debt by 40-60% of the amount you owe. The creditor forgives the remaining debt, thereby helping you to get out of debt faster. If you end up settling for less than the original amount of the debt, there will almost always be a negative reflection on your credit score. Accounts that are delinquent stay on your credit reports for seven years, as do accounts charged off by lenders. So the million dollar question is “what credit card company is going to give you an unsecured credit card when your credit report is showing that you settled for less? You know the answer! Probably none!

Bankruptcy can resolve your debt under protection from a federal court, and it will erase most debts in three to six months. If you’re delinquent on debt, it will stop calls from collectors and lawsuits against you. Your credit will take a hit, as with debt settlement, but research shows credit scores tend to rebound when you file for 
bankruptcy within a year. Basically, you start fresh. 

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